Melinda's Story

Although Melinda was with us for a short 20 years, she left behind a world of memories all full of kindness, love, joy, and forgiveness.   From a time she was a young child to her last day on Earth, Melinda relished each moment she lived.  She found joy in the simplest of tasks and objects and loved sharing it all with those around her.   Her infectious smile and sparkling eyes were undeniable and always evident.  She found joy in music and dance so it was not uncommon to hear Melinda singing or see her high kicking as she danced her way across a room, be it at home, school, or work. 

Melinda’s ability to find genuine joy in the simplest of life’s moments was enviable.  She could be as excited about a colourful cloth sandwich bag as she could be about a piece of jewelry or about hearing her friend was expecting a daughter.  No matter the situation, Melinda found joy in the smallest things like clipping coupons or organizing her binders.  The task didn’t matter, but the attitude did. 

Melinda’s greatest joy came from thinking of others.   When she shopped, she always found something a friend would like.  She travelled to the Farmers’ Market an hour on the bus, regardless of weather, to buy pepperoni sticks for one of the regular customers at her beloved Second Cup.  Melinda took time to help those she met each day.  She spent some of her time teaching a homeless man that his requests would be more readily received if he approached people graciously.  When one of the regular customers had a heart attack, she gathered up heart healthy foods to create a basket for him which she personally delivered.  These are just a few examples of how Melinda spread her joy and kindness daily.

In honour of Melinda and her never ending enthusiasm and kindness, the Melinda Green Memorial Foundation was established to continue to share Melinda’s generosity with those who need it most. In following in her footsteps, the foundation endeavours to brighten the lives of everyone it touches, bringing smiles and help wherever needed.

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