Second Cup Barista Bursary

Melinda worked at Second Cup at the Churchill Square location in Edmonton.  From the time she was 15 until her accident at 20, it had been her first and only "real job".  She grew and matured during those years and the things she learned and experiences that she had at that job changed her and became a part of her.  To honor those she worked with, worked for, and learned from, we have established a bursary program available to employees of Second Cup.  Melinda had plans and dreams for herself so our family has chosen to help other baristas achieve theirs.  If you are a Second Cup Barista and would like to apply please click "Read More" to access the online application form.  Please note that only successful applicants will be contacted.

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School Lunch/Snack Support Program

Approximately 20% of all school aged children in Alberta go to school hungry. In Edmonton, 1 in 6 children lives in poverty. 

The school lunch/snack program we support provides nearly 400,000 lunches to high needs children each year and over 1 million snacks to help students learn and reach their potential. 

It is our goal to eliminate as much overhead cost as possible while still helping those who need it most.   With the money raised and earmarked for this project, we will be purchasing food and supplies to donate to E4C’s school program.   This way, all money goes directly to the children without a portion going to administration costs. 

Stay tuned to hear how much we raise on Melinda Green Day, on September 16th, and how the proceeds are used.


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Wings to Paradise

Japanese tradition holds that anyone folding a 1000 paper cranes will be granted a wish.   The cranes are a symbol of peace and hope and often given as gifts.

As the one year mark of Melinda’s accident approached in May, 2014, we struggled to find a way to face the most devastating day of our lives but also honour our daughter.


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